Headache Stop-TMJ/TMD

The Temporal Mandibular Joint, or TMJ, withstands forces up to 200 lbs.  To stay pain free, it is critical that the TMJ condyles hinge on the forward part of the joint socket.  If the hinge point is toward the rear of the joint socket, three problems will occur:

1.  Critical nerves will be pinched and major blood vessles to the brain will be obsructed when squeezed between the ball of the jaw joint (condyle) and the ear canal.

2.  The cartilage for the socket (fossa) is positioned at the front of the joint only leaving the rear hinge point with no cartilage protection.

3.  The bone at the rear of the socket (fossa) is not strong enough to withstand the forces of chewing without pain.

When properly positioned, the TMJ has a natural space between the condyle and ear canal.

Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction include:

  • Clicking & popping of the joint caused by the lack of cartilage at the rear hinge point.
  • Grinding sounds caused by irregular bone surface at the rear hinge point.
  • Headaches and migraine headaches caused by the condyle of the joint pushing on weak bone structure at the rear of the joint.
  • Dizziness caused by the lack of blood flow to the brain when blood vessles are obstructed.
  • Ringing in the ears and ear aches caused by pessure on the ear canal.
  • Excessive wear of teeth caused by subconscious teeth grinding to eliminate misalignment of the jaw.
  • Muscle spasms caused by pinching of nerves by the ball of the jaw hinging at the rear of the socket.
  • Neck pain. The cause is poorly understood, but seems to be related to pinched nerves.
  • Locked jaw or limited opening of the mouth caused by the misalignment of the jaw.

To eliminate TMJ Syndorme and heache pain, the lower jaw needs to be brought forward, non-surgically, using a removable, snap-in applinance.  The appliance reestablishes the natural space at the back of the joint and allows the condyle to hinge on the cartilage at the front of the socket.  

Dr Carl Estler has more than 20 years of successfully treating patients with TMJ Syndrome with custom removable applinace therapy. 

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